Epson Artisan 730 & 837
These are the most recent printers to use Epson T098 ink cartridges. Epson updated these to better detect non-Epson cartridges. A number of customers tried our single use boxed cartridges and had no problems. Most had no problem with our single use unboxed cartridges. Several tested our reusable and refillable cartridges. The refillables worked for most but not all. The reusables worked about half the time. One customer whose printer accepted our refillables discovered that after running the firmware upgrade, they stopped being recognized. If you haven't bought one of these yet, you might want to do a little research. If you already have, when you order the boxed single use - which always work - ask us to include a reusable, refillable or unboxed single use to try and do NOT run the firmware upgrade.

Epson NX100, Epson NX105, Epson NX110, Epson NX115, Epson NX125, Epson NX127, Epson NX130 printers
Very often I am asked "Can you recommend a printer that's good and cheap?" When I reply back, "What do you consider cheap?" The answer is usually "about $30." Unfortunately, good and cheap don't go together. The Epson NX100 series is another proof. These printers appear to have been designed to last a very short time. Complaints about breakdowns appear on forums across the net and reviews are abysmal. Cnet Reviews.
The jury is still out on the newer printers (Epson NX125, Epson NX127 and Epson NX130) so perhaps they are a bit better.

The problem is that when a printer fails, customers often blame the cartridges. They ascribe all sorts of magical powers to cartridges. The only thing a cartridge does is drop ink to the printer via gravity. If the chip is defective, the cartridge will not be recognized. This is the worst you can expect from a cartridge. It can not "reprogram" the printer not to recognize genuine Epson cartridges. If your printer doesn't recognize Epson cartridges, then the recognition chip on your printer has blown and this can only happen via a stray voltage of electricity. Cartridges do not contain batteries or carry any voltage. Cartridges can not blow your power supply. If your printer won't turn on, this was not caused by a cartridge. Cartridges can not cause paper jams (unless you try to shove one into the paper slot). One customer even blamed our cartridges for the failure of his wireless network. We know our cartridges work with the NX printers. We have some customers using them for years. But the number of complaints with the Epson NX100 series models is much higher than with any other (except the Epson Workforce 610), so we have posted this warning. These are cheaply made printers with many problems. We recommend you spend $20 to $30 more for a well-made printer.

Epson Workforce 610
When making ink cartridges there are two factors the manufacturer has to consider: 1) that the chip is fully compatible with the printer and 2) that the ink formula is engineered to work properly. The Epson Workforce 610 uses the same cartridges as the Epson Workforce 500, Epson Workforce 600 and numerous others. The ink formula is the same. Yet for some reason, we are getting more complaints (about 5% vs 1%) with the Epson Workforce 610 than any other model. The complaints have to do with the printer eventually "losing a color" - usually black - after some months of use. Even head cleanings does not solve it. Either the narrow hoses which carry ink to the print head became filled with air which break the vacuum effect needed to suck ink to the head or the printer does not realize when the cartridge is out of ink and continues to suck air into the head.

Now all or most Epson printers use this method to transport ink. We have no idea why this problem only seems to occur with some Epson Workforce 610 printers. We suspect a manufacturing defect in some of these printers which prevent them from measuring the remaining ink correctly. As a result, they run out of ink too quickly or continue printing after the cartridge has run out which sucks air into the head. 95% of our customers with Epson Workforce 610 have been using them for many months without a problem. But we have heard from some people that they went through several replacement printers which all developed this problem, some of them using only genuine Epson ink cartridges.
Incidentally, if you do have this problem with any Epson printer, we have a $10 Epson printer head cleaning kit which solves this problem almost all the time.

New info 11/30/2010
After problems with cartridges from three different manufacturers on her Epson Workforce 610, one of our customers stopped at a Cartridge World in Utah and was told that they do not provide cartridges for this printer since there have been too many problems. The cartridges are accepted at first, but in a short amount of time they are no longer recognized.
Now we already know that Epson printers often confuse the low ink message with the cartridge not recognized message. What we believe is happening is that a certain number of Epson Workforce 610 printers are defective and decide the cartridge is out of ink way too soon. The reason this was not a major issue for us is because most of our customers buy the reusable or refillable cartridges which can automatically reset to full upon receiving the out of ink signal. But single use cartridges become unusable if they get this signal.

Epson Workforce 1100
We have confirmation from the manufacturer and dozens of customers that our single-use cartridges work. We have sold at least three dozen sets of refillables for this printer. Two customers reported that they did not work, the rest had no problem. A professional printing shop in Chicago with 5 Epson Workforce 1100 printers is using these for over a year. So is a restaurant chain with several Epson Workforce 1100 printers. But because we did get two reports of them not being recognized, we included this warning.

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