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Just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your newsletter and am now sending it out to over 200 of my email contacts in hope it will get you some new customers and also educate them to other computer info you post. Thanx for being such a reliable business, love the products.

Wayne Golden, Mercedes, Texas

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for the newsletter. Yours is the only newsletter from any sort of vendor I have ever subscribed to (on purpose), and I always find it entertaining and helpful. I also like the way you personalize it with things from your own life and experience. I feel like I am dealing with a person and not just a company trying to sell me products from China.

Vicki Falaguerra, SPHR, PMP, Harmony Software Solutions, LLC,

Your informative, direct, personalized newsletter is a joy and much appreciated. Very unexpected and a pleasant surprise to find a wholesome human being behind the sales counter. Worldly view of things, and funny dogs videos are an extra bonus. We can all use a light break, even when looking for ink cartridges.

Nina Wilcher

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