Shipping Rebate

This applies in the US only. For Canadian orders, we ship directly and rebate the difference when the order arrives. See Canadian orders.

Direct Shipping From the Warehouse
A while ago we started having our distributors ship to customers. Though they charge us a bit more to do this, it saves on shipping to us and then to the customer, saves us the need to maintain a larger inventory and it saves time since they arrive faster. This is one of the reasons prices have dropped and here is what else it can mean for you:

Volume Discounts
Prices on the site are for individual toners or small packs of cartridges. Some customers have placed larger orders through the site and we compensated by adding extra cartridges. We also have businesses and schools who email us large orders which we can fill directly from a distributor, allowing for a generous discount. On orders of 2 toners, you typically get $4 back. On orders of 3 or more toners you will either receive a shipping rebate or extra cartridge. Contact us if you have a larger request.

Shipping Rebate
On larger ink cartridge orders, 2 or more toner cartridges and certain ink cartridges, we are often able to give free or discounted shipping if it sent directly from the distributor. 2 toners - half shipping. 3 or more toners - full shipping or a bonus cartridge. There are no forms to fill out and nothing to mail. Look for the shipping rebate in the description and follow the simple directions below to qualify.

Note: this applies to items shipped directly from the warehouse. Because of the difficulty in ordering Epson cartridges, we have started offering rebates on items we ship ourselves as well.

1. All the items in the order must have the shipping rebate. If some do and some don't, the order won't qualify because we still have to ship all or part of it ourselves.

2. Since we have a flat shipping cost per order, the rebate applies to the order - not each item. If you order two or more items with a shipping rebate, you only pay one shipping and get back one rebate, not a rebate per item.

3. There can be no additions or substitutions on orders shipping directly from the warehouse, which usually has the packs ready to go. We can not ask them to substitute one color for another or throw in an extra cartridge. If you make such a request, we will have to ship it our ourselves and therefore there may be no rebate.

4. Even before the rebate offer, we often threw in extra cartridges and depending on the size of the order, this can be worth more than the rebate. So if you want the rebate, let us know at the time you place the order. Either enter it in the comment box (for credit card orders) or click the ADD link under Notes to Seller (in paypal) or just send us an email immediately upon placing the order. If we don't get your request, we may add extra bonuses to your order and these will be in place of the rebate.

5.Since we are not shipping out these orders, we need to know they arrived correctly. Occasionally we get a customer emailing us that they just opened an order sent months ago and it was incorrect. It is difficult to try to explain to the warehouse that they have to correct a mistake made months ago. So to claim the rebate, let us know when the order arrived and that it was correct. You will then receive a refund of all or half the shipping (as stated in the item comment).

6. On orders being shipped to California from a California distributor, they will collect sales tax from us even though we don't collect sales tax for orders going outside New York. Therefore California sales tax may be deducted from the rebate.

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