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More cartridges, lower cost

At we are constantly looking for ways to give you more for your money. As we order in larger quantities, our cost go down and so do our prices. Thanks to you, we are able to order in quantities large enough to enable us to deal directly with the factories. This has led to an even further reduction in our costs and more discounts for you. We began shipping smaller orders via First Class mail instead of priority. It added a day or two to delivery of packages going across the country and saved another dollar or two per package - savings we passed on to you in the form of extra ink cartridges.

Less waste, lower cost

We never stop looking for ways to save you money and we've just come up with another one. There is an expense to printing attractive, multi-colored boxes. It also costs more to ship ink cartridges packed in individual boxes. Considering that most people simply throw the boxes away, doesn't it make sense to reduce costs as well as waste by eliminating the boxes? So we are now offering unboxed ink cartridges on a number of models at reduced prices and with bonus cartridges.

Secret bonus, more savings

We have a repeat customer bonus, but some customers forget to mention that they are repeat customers. Others thought this meant they get a free ink cartridge with every order - even on orders of 6 ink cartridges or ink tanks. Our bonus page states that the repeat customer bonus applies to orders of 10 ink cartridges or more. Anyone buying ink tanks must be a repeat customer and the bonus is already included - which is why we went from a 5-pack to a 6-pack. So we came up with a plan which will be easier to understand and also allow more people to benefit - the secret bonus.

On the Epson ink page you will see a blank box next to the Go button. If you enter the secret code before pressing Go, you will notice that a number of items also show a discount amount. There are no limits to how many discounts you can get. Order two discounted items, get two discounts. Buy three of the same discounted item and get the discount three times. The code applies to most Epson ink packs. It does not apply to other brands or individual cartridges, even if you buy more than one. However, we often throw in an extra anyway, even on orders as small as 3.

How do you get the secret code? You will have to join our mailing list and give us permission to e-mail you no more than once a month. This opens up the bonus to anyone on our list. The secret code and discounts are subject to change monthly.

What about the repeat customer bonus?

We're glad you asked. We definitely believe in rewarding our loyal customers. Many have discovered that we often add an extra bonus without being asked. We also know that some of our customers won't read this and take advantage of our new discount program or simply forget to use the code. So continue letting us know you are a repeat customer and we will take that into account when packing your orders.

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