reusable Epson ink cartridges vs. refillable Epson ink cartridges

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Reusable Epson cartridgesRefillable Epson cartridges
Amount of ink: 15 ml Amount of ink: 20 ml
Cartridges and ink tanks must be removed to see how much ink remains. Cartridges are completely transparent and you can see the ink level easily.
When cartridge is down to a third, it's time to dispose of it, wasting some ink. When cartridge is down to a third, just add more ink. No ink is wasted.
Each ink tank is a completely sealed unit. The printer punctures the seal at the bottom of the cartridge. Some leakage can occur during refilling. You might want to put tape over the bottom before refilling. If you do so, do not remove it. Let the printer puncture it. When refilling for the second time or more, remove the extra tape you stuck on before putting on another layer of tape.
An ink tank can only be used once.A refill bottle can be used to top off the cartridge two to three times.
You can get back $2 back at Office Depot for your empty ink tanks, up to $40 a month or $2 at Staples, up to $20 a month. So if you are the type to save your empties and bring them in, ink tanks will cost you between nothing to 50 cents.Unfortunately, no one will give you anything for an empty ink bottle. But if you are the type to throw away empties and not bother bringing them in, you will save money with the refillables and get more ink.
The ink tanks will only fit our reusable cartridges.Refill bottles can be used with any refillable cartridges.

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