Refilling Epson cartridges from large ink bottles

Our smaller ink bottles have a long, thin nozzle which can be inserted several inches into the cartridge. This makes it easier to refill the cartridges. The nozzle of the large ink bottles only fit about an inch into the cartridge. You have to be careful not to spill ink, which is why we recommend:

- wearing gloves or at least holding a paper towel
- doing it over a sink or newspaper

In addition, you have to carefully control the flow or it will pour out too fast. Do not tear the entire foil seal from the bottle. Puncture a small hole in it. You should have to actually squeeze the bottle to get ink to flow.

The following tip was sent in by Jan R. Toubl, President / CEO of TOUBL ENTERPRISES INC. in Beloit, Wisconsin, and a long-time customer.

If the ink level in the cartridge is already low (more AIR than INK), and there is already some ink removed from the refill bottle, this can cause a problem. As you squeeze the bottle, you are forcing more air into the cartridge which causes ink to spurt back out of the refill and air holes. The solution is to first cover the air hole with tape. Remove the colored plug. Before inserting the ink bottle in the cartridge, hold it upright and squeeze until the ink is as near the top as you can get it (without spilling) to remove the excess air. Insert the nozzle in the cartridge and gradually stop squeezing. The ink bottle will suck the air out of the cartridge, creating a vacuum. Since the ink bottle is inverted, the air moves to the top. Gently squeeze the bottle and fill the cartridge to about 7/8 of its capacity.

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