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Privacy: We e-mail you only in response to your e-mails, orders or newsletter subscription. If you e-mail us with a question but do not place an order or subscribe to our newsletter, we will reply to your question and that's it. We do NOT save your e-mail for future use. If you place an order, we will reply as necessary to fulfill your order and save your information for future use in case you place another order. We will not send you any other e-mail. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will get the once-a-month notification that the latest issue has been posted. You *may* get the notification of a fantastic deal (as when Epson was selling printers for $19 with free shipping). But you will not be spammed. We do not sell, rent, trade or in any way make your information available to other parties nor do we send out e-mail on behalf of other parties.

Security: There are usually two points of vulnerability when using a credit card online. First, the site itself. If it stores your information on the server where it can be accessed, there is always the possibility of a hacker stealing it. But sites which allow you to create an account, re-use the same card without re-entering it, and browse your order history MUST store your information on the server. This carries risks and many sites have been hacked including major banks.

Unlike most other sites, we do NOT store your information on our web server. Credit card orders are immediately encrypted and sent to us. For even more security, it sends us two orders, one with false credit card information. The confirmation to the customer shows the correct first 4 digits but the rest, including the card number, expiration date and security code is false. If someone was to hack our e-mail or our customer's, they can waste their time trying to use the information in it.

Once we have the information, the data is stored on a stand-alone PC which does not share information with any other computers. Security experts have tried to gain access to the data. They could not even access the data when physically plugged into the router. If someone were to hack our site, they would find nothing about our customers. This is why customers can not create an account and pull up previous orders. To do that we would have to leave all that data on the server where it would be vulnerable to hackers. But since we do keep your previous orders on our stand-alone PC, you can submit an order via email and ask us to charge your card already on file.

The second point of vulnerability is through the processor. Any time a card is charged it must be done through a processor who facilitates the connection with the issuer and Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. Our processor is paypal. It has been around for over fifteen years, has a hundred million users across the world and has proven to be secure. If paypal had been hacked, everyone would have heard about it.

Another point of vulnerability is when a hacker gets a list of cards and tries the brute force method to guess security code. A program submits the order with a code of 000. If it fails, it tries 001 and continues until it hits the right number. This method might work on sites which automatically process the orders. Ours doesn't. Orders are submitted to us for review. It would be simpler to let it all happen automatically, but it would increase the risk of fraud. So we take the time to reduce the risk.

We believe the security of our site is better that that of most other e-commerce sites. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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