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Brother print head cleaning kit

Brother head cleaning kitDon't throw away that Brother printer or other inkjet printer just because it stopped printing, and don't spend $50-$100 having it repaired. You can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost with this kit!

It consists of a hypodermic which terminates in a clear tube and a bottle of specially formulated cleaning fluid.

Are some of your colors are printing choppy? Your print nozzles are partially clogged. This usually happens when 1) you run out of a color and don't replace it immediately or 2) you habitually turn off your printer for days at a time or 3) a clot formed - hey, it happens. If the built-in printer head cleaning (or two) doesn't solve this, it's not a good idea to keep running head cleanings. All this does is squirt more ink to the heads. Ink will not dissolve an ink clot, so you are wasting lots of ink. That ink ends up in the waste tank beneath the printer. When the waste tank is full, the printer becomes useless. Running too many cleanings can permanently damage the printer. This Brother printer cleaning kit solves this problem. It forces a solution to the print heads specially designed to break down clots. The clots break down and are washed away to the waste tank.

Are some colors are not printing at all? This could be caused by a completely clogged print head, a cartridge issue or a burned-out print head. If it is a clog, this Brother printer head cleaning kit should handle it.

Note: You may have to print several pages until the cleaning fluid is flushed out of the system and the print quality becomes acceptable.

This head cleaning kit is not specific to a printer model and will work with many Epson, Lexmark, Brother, Dell, Canon and other printers - any printer where a "pin" inside punctured the bottom of the cartridge or the cartridge drips ink onto a "sponge" which feeds the print heads. It isn't designed for the Workforce Pro printers where the head is buried inside and can't be reached directly, though some of our customers have come up with methods which worked. One kit is good for many uses. We supply it with two pieces of tubing, a narrow one and a wider (1/4 inch) one. Use whichever size suits your printer.

Note: many HP inkjet printers have the heads in the cartridge or as a separate, removable item. This kit will not work for those printers.

Disclaimer: Results can not be guaranteed. If you print for a while missing a color, permanent damage can result to the print head. The cleaning fluid can only clean the head, it can't repair it. If you habitually turn off your printer for long periods or wait a long time before replacing an empty ink cartridge, your print heads may contain large, hard clogs which can not be broken down. This cleaning kit does a wonderful job restoring print quality which has deteriorated due to clogs and even in many cases, restoring colors which failed to print entirely but it can't repair a broken printer. There is no warranty on cleaning kits.

This kit comes in different sizes: from 30 ml to 600 ml. A cleaning takes about 2 ml per color cleaned.

Order Brother 30ml head cleaning kit only $7

Order Brother 180ml head cleaning kit only $12

Order Brother 600ml head cleaning kit only $20

Epson head cleaner instructions

Contains ammonia. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid prolonged contact with skin or any contact with eyes. Do not mix with chlorine or cleaners containing chlorine. This can produce a poisonous gas. Do not allow contact with aluminum.

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