Payment Options

Paypal: Regular purchases made via paypal should be sent to using the button on the shopping cart. You can use your credit card through Paypal without opening an account.

Credit/debit cards: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express from U.S. and Canadian customers. Our credit card processing is done through Paypal, so if you already have a paypal account, don't send us your credit card. They will not allow it to be charged except through your account.

You can use your credit card through Paypal without opening an account. Instead of sending us your information so we enter it into paypal, why don't you do it yourself for added security?

The following methods may add an extra bonus to your order. When sending payment, please include a note describing your order with your name and email ID. You should also choose Other Payment Methods which will email the order to both of us.

Paypal personal payment: Payments made through paypal using bank account or existing funds in the account (not credit or debit card), sent as money to family and friends (not purchase). Such payments should be made to You can also use the link Please do NOT send debit/credit card payments to this account or select purchase since you will not get the bonus.

Venmo: is a service which lets you send money from your bank account and most debit cards for free via a mobile device. You can send payment to or 718-868-3000. Please email us or complete the order inquiry so your order is emailed to us and we know what the payment is for.

Chase Quickpay, INGDirect, Popmoney: Most banks give you an option to send money from your bank account. In most cases, this happens electronically and instantly so there is no waiting for a check to arrive. We can even send you a Chase Quickpay invoice and you can pay it even if you do not bank with Chase. Chase payments can be sent to

Personal checks: We will accept personal checks in US funds from US banks. Some Canadian banks actually use US banks. We have received checks from Canadian banks that stated: "charge to the account of Toronto Bank at Ohio Bank." This means that the Toronto Bank has an account in Ohio and the check can actually be processed as a US check.

Money Orders: Money orders in US funds from US banks and Canadian Postal Money Orders in US funds.

You can make out checks and money order to Israel Goodman (not CCS) and send them to:

Israel Goodman
2412 Oceancrest Blvd
Far Rockaway, NY 11691

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