Information & Instructions

Learn Website Design and Excel Free

Website Design
HTML for beginners Bravenet: graphics, javascripts
Web Source for web design, e-zines BoogieJack: graphics, javascripts
Designing & Using Databases How To Start A Blog
Udemy Javascript Lessons Start Blogging
HTML Intro lessons CSS Intro lessons
Javascript intro lessons TopStyle Light CSS
Source code editor HTML command list
Learn WordPress HTML command list with examples
Server Side Includes What is ASP?
How To Start A Blog (video) How To Start A Blog
Create A Wordpress Site Create a business wordpress site
How To Make A Website Site Building for Beginners
Introduction to CSS (style sheets) How To Start A Blog
Learn about domains and HTML Step by step blogging
How to start a blog Set up a wordpress website
Guide to Web Programming and Languages How to Make A Website
the Ultimate Step-by-step Guide
the Blog Starter How To Start An Ecommerce Website

HTML 101 for Beginners
The ultimate guide to learning how to build your own website: a 14-video tutorial which will take you step-by-step through design, implementation, search engine optimization, marketing, pitfalls to avoid and much more.

Excel Tutorials
Spreadsheet Lessons BayConGroup Excel Tutorial
Home&Learn Excel Tutorials MR.Excel Tips and challenges
Collection of Excel Tutorials
Some history of the evolution of programming languages and the pioneers behind them
Html5 Beginners Guide HTML Periodic Table

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