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Free ink for Epson, Canon and Brother printers

Epson compatible reusable ink cartridges. Staples will give you $2 in store credit for every empty printer cartridge you turn in - up to $40 a month. Officemax will give you $2 a cartridge up to $20 a month. OfficeDepot will give you $2 a cartridge for up to $40 a month. All three stores have added new conditions. For Staples, you must spend $30 on ink every 6 months. Officemax makes you buy stationary items (paper, pens, ink). I'm not sure of Officedepot's terms. We have customers taking advantage of all three offers to get back the money they spent on cartridges. If you could just find cartridges for $2 each, you could get a lot of free ink. But you know it's just not possible. Ink cartridges cost $10-$30 each. There's just no way to save 90%, right? Wrong! At we have cartridges for as low as $2. We have Reusable Epson Ink Cartridges with ink tanks which hold twice as much ink as the expensive ink cartridges but cost between $2 and $2.50. After rebate, you get it free or for 50 cents. Here is a list of the cartridges you can get free or for as little as $2.




Brother LC-41     Brother LC-51     Brother LC-61     Brother LC-75     Brother LC-103     Brother LC-105     Brother LC-107     Epson T048     Epson T060     Epson T069     Epson T078     Epson T079     Epson T098     Epson T125     Epson T126     Epson T127     Epson T200XL     Epson T252XL     Epson T273xl     Canon BCI-3     Canon BCI-5      Canon BCI-6      Canon CLI-8     Canon CLI-221     Canon CLI-226     Canon CLI-251     Canon PGI-5     Canon PGI-220     Canon PGI-225     Canon PGI-250     HP-02

If you use our Refillable Epson Ink Cartridges, you can refill them yourself for about 50 cents!

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