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HP Dirty Tricks and Lawsuit

There are still people out there who remember the days when HP meant good printers. They haven't realized that over the last few years, HP has become the biggest crooks in an already rotten industry. They are buying HP printers with rip-off cartridges that contain an ever shrinking amount of ink, not realizing that it would be cheaper to buy another printer than to feed their current one. The Canon MX922 (about $80) uses 1.50 cartridges with more ink than HP and no expiration dates. Read the Canon MX922 review. But not content with ripping you off on the ink, HP has played a game of dirty tricks to make sure you can't even use the expensive cartridges you paid for and this has led to several ongoing lawsuits.

HP put artificial expiration dates on some of their cartridges. When this date is reached, the printer displays a random error. Their is no reason for an expiration date except to inflate their already obscene profits.

HP attempted something which backfired. They pushed a firmware upgrade in early 2016 to inkjet printers that would trigger a "dynamic security feature" many months later. This feature was apparently designed to disable an inkjet printer loaded with third party cartridges. In mid-Sept 2016, HP printers began displaying errors if loaded with third-party cartridges.

Affected customers banded together, generated lots of bad HP publicity, and sought the help of State agencies and consumer advocacy groups. It went viral and generated lots of negative publicity.

HP apologized to its customers and issued a firmware update to unlock the printers. Ultimately, HP customers formed three class-action lawsuits which were consolidated into one mega class-action. It claims HP violated Federal anti-trust and consumer protection laws.

And the biggest dirty trick of all...
...Genuine HP cartridges programmed to stop working if you opt out of Instant Ink

HP has a program called Instant Ink where your printer notifies HP when it is low on ink. They then charge your credit card and ship you more ink. It's a terrible deal for you but a great deal for HP. Now you have no choice in the matter. You can't surf the net looking for the best deal. You take what they give you at the price they determine. In order to entice you to sign up, they offer a discount but if you are already paying 500% more for ink than you should be, even a 20% discount is still a rip-off.

But wait, there's more (actually less)! If you opt out of the program, the cartridges you already bought, whether installed in the printer or not, will stop working! Imagine - genuine HP cartridges you bought and paid for stop working because you decided not to buy more! Is this even legal? This sounds like a reason for another class action lawsuit.

Read the details in this letter posted on Yahoo Answers. opt out of Instant Ink and your cartridges stop working

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