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Free Brother ink for Brother printers

Read the entire article for the secret... getting free Brother ink cartridges every month with nothing more to buy, no clubs to join, no commitment, and no mail-in rebates. We have similar deals for Canon and Epson. For a list of the free and nearly free cartridges we offer, click the Free Ink Cartridges link on the left.

In March 2007, the printer companies won the legal right to manufacture printers which refuse to recognize third-party cartridges. In the past, the printer would issue a warning that these were not genuine but would continue to work. After March 2007, printers refused to recognize compatibles, thanks to this legal decision. I don't know what the judge who made this ruling was thinking. Can you imagine if you could only buy gas from the manufacturer of your car and it came in cartridges at $5,000 a gallon? That's right - printer ink is now over $5,000 a gallon! A typical cartridge holds less than a half ounce of ink for about $20. A gallon is 128 ounces. 128 x 2 x $20 = $5180.

We sell compatible Brother ink cartridges for as little as $2. Our cartridges hold more ink than the OEM product. The end result is free Brother ink - and lots of it.

But we promised absolutely free so here's the secret to getting back $40 - not just one time but over and over every month. When you have finished using these cartridges, bring the empties to Office Deport or Staples. Office Depot will give you $2 store credit per empty for up to 20 a month. That's $40 a month, $480 a year. Staples will give you $2 credit for up to 10 cartridges a month - that's $20 every month. So you can get $480 or $240 in cartridges FREE every year.

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