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Epson T220XL and Epson T786 cartridges

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New Way Epson Prevents Compatible Cartridges

The printer companies keep coming out with new ways to prevent refilling or using compatible cartridges. HP does it by putting an expiration date in the cartridges. But this is a double-edged sword. People have bought new, genuine HP cartridges only to have them rejected as being expired.

Epson is putting serial numbers in the chips of their new cartridges (T786 and T220). The printer records the serial numbers of the cartridges used and will not allow the same serial number to be used again. This prevents refilling. However it also adds a level of difficulty in manufacturing compatibles. The companies have not had to place serial numbers on their chips. Now they have to come up with a method of creating a number which is 1) compliant with the valid serial numbers the printers are expecting see and 2) unique for every single cartridge even between different brands. Otherwise, if you buy cartridges made by two different manufacturers, you could wind up with repeating serial numbers.

Hope is at hand!
Chip manufacturer have created hundreds of different serial numbers. However, there is a level of complication in making sure you don't get repeating numbers. That is why we sell these in sets only and not individually. If you buy these from different suppliers, you may get the same numbers, so be careful. If you buy multiple sets from us at one time, you will not get repeating numbers. If you come back and place a repeat order, remind us that you ordered before.

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