Epson Cartridge Shortage

A number of years ago, Epson found some foolish judge who handed them a monopoly. He ruled that only Epson has the right to manufacturer cartridges for their printers and all others are a trademark violation. This is in direct contradicton of the Federal 1975 Moss-Magnusson Act which says that a company can't force you to buy their consumables. After winning this victory, Epson got Customs to prevent compatibles from entering the United States. For a while, it was difficult to find compatibles and prices rose accordingly. Then it appeared that something changed, because suddenly there was no longer a problem importing compatibles and prices dropped.

Now for some reason, it's happening again. Shipments of Epson compatible cartridges are being turned back at the border. Prices are rising. Several larger distributors (including some of ours) have stopped offering them.

Because of the Epson cartridge shortage, we can no longer rely on our suppliers to have stock, so we removed *some* of our "direct shipping from the warehouse" rebates. We will be shipping Epson cartridges directly. However, since we were able to stock up prior to the shortage, we will still offer them even on many Epson cartridges while supplies last. Just look for the rebate notice in the detailed description of the items. And we will still put a bonus in most orders.

Two of our main suppliers went out of the Epson compatible line completely. We bought their entire stock at discount prices and offered them at a discount. Most of these are gone. However, if you can use a quantity of T069, T078, T079, T098, T126, T127, T200XL, T252XL or T676XL, call or email and let's make a deal. On standard orders, expect bonus cartridges.

While our prices have held, we can't guarantee how long this will last or how long we will be able to maintain inventory. We have already experienced delays in receiving some shipments. So for those of you who buy exactly what you need today without a thought for what you will need tomorrow - and particularly those who buy one or two cartridges at a time - I urge you to save money and aggravation by planning ahead. An emergency will be costly since one Epson cartridge at the store will cost you more than an entire set from us.

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