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Are Epson Firmware Updates Viruses?

For years people asked us "Is there some way Epson can get into my printer and prevent compatible cartridges from working?" The answer has always been no - until recently. Epson has introduced something called firmware updates. There are NOT drivers for the printer. These are software files which must be copied into the printer's firmware. What exactly do these updates do? After all, your printer is already working. It's not going to make it faster or give it extra colors or do anything useful. That would require a hardware update to the printer. But we have a good idea of what this does since several customers reported using our cartridges for months until they ran a firmware update and suddenly the cartridges aren't recognized.

Fortunately, these updates require your intervention and can't happen automatically. There was a joke e-mail going around which read, "Can you help me out? I would like to create a virus but I don't know how. Can you please randomly delete some of your important files and then forward this email to your friends? Thank you." Obviously, this was a joke. No one in their right mind would deliberately participate in damaging their equipment. Since almost everyone has anti-virus protection on their systems, most viruses can't infect a computer unless the owner is tricked into executing it. Epson's firmware updates are designed to trick you into "infecting" your working printer so that it stops working, which in our opinion makes them viruses.

What To Do If Your Printer Was Updated?

I saw a post which said the WIC program can sometimes roll back an update to a previous version. Here is the link WIC Rollback

Here WIC claims you can store your current printer firmware before running the upgrade, so it can be restored in the event of a problem.
WIC Backup and Restore

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