Note: we are, the computer consulting and ink cartridge company, not CCS the sporting equipment company or collection agency. If you got to this page by googling "CCS phone number" or something similar you are not looking at the right place. If you are looking for or ink cartridges, you have reached the right place.


by mail:
Complete Computer Services
2412 Oceancrest Blvd
Far Rockaway, NY 11691

If you're planning to come by, please call first.

by phone:

You can usually get a person instead of a machine during the following hours (Eastern time):

Sunday    10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Mon-Thu   9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday       9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
No one answers the phone from Friday afternoon through Saturday night.

(718) 868 - 3000 or 34-PRINTER-0 / 347-746-8370

before you call:
Though we love hearing from people, particularly the many happy customers using our products, we prefer email, since that avoids "telephone tag," ensures that we have your correct address and gives both of us written confirmation of any discussions. Email sits in our in-box until it is resolved. Phone messages are jotted on pads and occasionally get lost. We always have access to email and inquiries are usually answered quickly, often within minutes. If you are a repeat customer with a credit card already on file, you can place an order via email and say "charge card on file ending in" and give the last 4 digits. For new orders or orders using a new card, please use our order form. If you are afraid to put your credit card number on the form and wish to call it in, you can fill out the order form using 12345 for the card number with the correct expiration and CVV number. Then you can call in just the card number. This ensures that we have all the rest of the information accurately. This is a family business with only one person having access to the voice mail system so it is safe to leave the information.

Most questions about how our cartridges work and the order process can be found right on the site. Just look under Product Links on the menu for Compatible Epson Ink Cartridge FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Under Information we have instructions for the head cleaner, refillable cartridges, ink bottles, solving cartridge issues and the like. Please read these before calling.

Both numbers work. The 718 number is direct and the second number is routed through Google voice to a backup phone line. The 718 number is the preferred one. Why two numbers? For over 20 years, our phone number was 718-868-3000. Then an incompetent phone company called Joiphone trashed that number so all anyone got was a busy signal. We switched to another company but it took Joiphone two months to transfer the number to them. During that time we obtained a Google Voice number of 34-printer-0 or 347-746-8370 which forwarded all calls to our backup number. The 718 number has been working since 2011. But if you try it and get strange results (silence, constant busy, etc) try 347-746-8370. If you still have problems, please email us.

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