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Since 1983, we were in the computer consulting business. At that time, PCs were considered toys and the big computers got all the attention. We recognized that a PC was just as important to the small businessman as the mainframe was to the large corporation, and began providing the service and support our clients required.

With prices dropping and Internet sites competing for your business based solely on the lowest price, something happened to the market. People forgot about support. People forgot that if their computer went down, so did their business. CCS didn't try to compete by beating every price but by providing the best overall value combining price, service and support. Our customers include individuals, small businesses, and Fortune 500 corporations.

But over time people began treating personal computers like televisions and bought the cheapest ones. We got out of sales and concentrated on service and support. We built this website solely as an advice site - to let visitors know where they could save money on such items as camera batteries, ink cartridges and other such items where the manufacturers were ripping them off. Then our visitors asked why we didn't just carry the items we recommended and offer them on the site and thus a family business was born.

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