AOL was once a service through which you connected to the Internet. Today most people connect via some other ISP and are only using AOL because they don't want to change their email ID. But there are a lot of good reasons to switch including:

-spam: It has been shown time and time again that hackers are able to determine AOL IDs for the purpose of spamming. I have seen articles on computer sites where someone conducted an experiment by getting an AOL ID and not using it for anything, yet within a few days, spam began accumulating. Could it be because AOL shares your information with their "associates" which is anyone who pays AOL for this info? Juno and Netzero were started to give people free email in exchange for advertising. They are probably selling their lists as well.

-overhead: As a computer consultant, I have gotten many calls from people whose systems have slowed down or crashed often. I noticed that what many had in common was the use of AOL. Getting rid of AOL often solved the problem.

-Big Brother: Do you really want someone else to tell you who you are allowed to communicate with? These servicer have set themselves up as big brother. They decide what is spam. If they decide a certain site is spam, they will block that site from communicating with their members. Not just that site, but anyone else on the same server. They also make it very simple for lazy and inconsiderate people to report someone as a spammer. It only takes one click. So some moron signs up for our newsletter in order to get the discount. Then when they get it, they report it as spam. AOL sends a threatening letter to my web host stating that they will block the entire server from communicating and my web host goes into a panic. Juno and Netzero don't even send an email. They just block that site. Now people who email us from those services often don't get the replies.

I signed up for a newsletter from a reputable company. A friend of mine was interested so I forwarded it to him. He had an AOL ID. AOL reported me for spam to my ISP for forwarding the newsletter. They did this WITHOUT ANY COMPLAINT MADE! Their software decides what is spam!

For these reasons, we can not accept newsletter requests from AOL, Juno or Netzero IDs.

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