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This information was found in the Windows Secrets Newsletter. They have a free and paid edition. The paid edition is voluntary, you pay what you want. It contains so much additional information, it is well worth the money.

If you know you have a rootkit virus, which is a virus that attaches itself to root files, many standard anti-virus programs whill not be able to remove it. Begin with the two rootkit-busting programs listed first. If you don't have a rootkit virus, skip them. They are designed for people who have a good idea of what they are doing. The others are your basic plug-and-play programs. No single anti virus program finds them all, which is why you should use several.

Sophos rootkit virus removal tool

trend micro rootkit buster

Malwarebytes anti malware

trend micro housecall

eset online scanner

microsoft safety scanner

This program checks your PC settings and makes changes designed to protect you against malware.

microsoft malware prevention

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